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My boyfriend isn't so big on feminist He thinks all we do is waste our time to fight for things that aren't going to change He doesn't disrespect me for being a feminist or is controlling in the relationship I tried to explain to him that we don't waste our time and lots of things change since feminist were around But he just zones out What can I do to let see that we're not the wasting our time?


Don’t try to change his mind if it hasn’t worked already?

There is no formula to make people believe everything you believe in.

Lead by example and do something productive with your time that exemplifies what you feel is right. If he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with you, that might be something you have to just mutually acknowledge. 

You’re not always going to be 100% compatible, you need to make compromises or just understand they won’t change sometimes.

That’s about it. 

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As a general question, do you think its appropriate to make fun of men for having a small penis? I feel like there is a common idea that men are less self conscious than women. Yes statistically women are more affected by body and eating disorders than men, but I feel like there is very little support for men and being body positive. I feel like the fact that I don't have a 6 pack and I dont have an 8 inch dick makes me undesirable. Just want your thoughts because I respect your opinion a lot.



It’s not okay to make fun of anyone for the body they have. Unfortunately on the internet, if you post a picture of your body you will get both negative and positive comments.

What may be undesirable to one person may be something that drives another wild. For example, I may have a big bum, but I have tiny boobs, and that can be something some men (and women) are not interested in. I may have a desire to be with them but the feeling won’t be reciprocated because of my aesthetics. It’s unfortunate but very true, ive been rejected because of my body.

I think you need to love yourself first before you start worrying about the opinion of others. Focus on your positives, both physical and personal and work at ‘promoting’ those and notice how attractive they can be.

For example, I love my bum and my honest approach to everything. You guys see those all the time on my blog right? Just flaunt what you got, life’s too short to be sitting there trying to change everything about yourself.

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