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Has senpai taken it up the butt before?


I still need to be trained for that, so no. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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Are you still considering creating a blog for your art and other such things? Sorry if I've got it completely wrong ><


Oh yes! I completely forgot about that.

It’ll take me some time to get it up but I will be linking it once I set-up a concept.

Thank you for asking! It’s rare for anyone to ask me about that.♡

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Beautiful training


Beautiful training


I occasionally post nudes on my blog and I never thought much about it other than it was a body and I try to yet used to seeing It and such, but my boyfriend and friends who know about the blog make me feel ashamed and gross for it, do you have any advice?


It just depends on the person. If they’re open to accept it the way you do, they will eventually stop bothering you about it.

That’s what happened in my experience when an ex-friend stumbled upon my blog in the past and tried to use it to ruin my relation with all my other friends simply because she was a huge bitch.

I was pretty anon before she outted me since she recognized my room in my pics. Things on Tumblr have a way of getting around from blogs to blog.

She could have just moved along, but no she needed to steer negativity my ways and put me on the spot.

I had to delete the entire blog content and stay offline for 5 monthes to lay low.

Your friends who don’t want to judge you should eventually get over it since they should have their own bussiness to attend to, instead of being nosy and trying to shame you.

You’re still a human being with feelings, and should be given some sort of understanding. If they value your friendship, they will drop the topic.

But the kind of mainstrean society with active body/nudity-shaming is too avid to avoid. It’s literally programmed in most of us growing up and we have to make choices for ourselves later-on in adult life that go against the norms.

If you’re 18+ and feel you want to keep doing this, either have a heart-to-heart with those that are willing to listen, or just ignore them if you can. I had to block and cut-off some contacts. It’s just life.

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I hope I get to fall in love with someone that loves me as much as you love your bf someday



I’m sure in time you will find someone who will love you as much as you love them! It just takes a while, in my experience. So keep trucking along!

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He said I could post this because it’s not too explicit. ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

I didn’t think me holding my bf’s dick would be this well-received.

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I just saw the picture of your boyfriend and he has such a pretty figure im jealous ;A;


* u *

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